SimControlX is a powerful iPad instructor station app for your simulator which provides you the ability to reposition aircraft instantly, change wind and weather, fail engine components or instruments and much more, for realistic training without ever needing to get out of the captain’s chair or pausing the simulation.

Supports Prepar3D® v5.0+, v4.0+, v3.4, X-Plane 11,
X-Plane 10 (64-bit) & ELITE XTS

SimControlX Pro the professional upgrade for SimControlX,
is now available! Learn more here.

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I get an error activating/deactivating my SimControlX Pro license?

🕔 June 5, 2019

There may be several reasons for a failure of license activation/deactivation. Here are some things to verify –

  • You have entered the activation key correctly.
  • You have a working internet connection on the computer you’re using.
  • You have not previously used the same key on a different system, if so please deactivate on that machine before activating on your current system.
  • If you have made some computer hardware changes recently, it may affect activation. In this case, please contact support(at)


SimControlX doesn’t load or display my X-Plane 11 aircrafts?

🕔 June 5, 2019

The aircraft directory organization changed from X-Plane 10 to X-Plane 11. SimControlX expects that users organize any third-party aircraft directories using the following format options, in keeping with how Laminar Research provides their default aircraft –


<X-Plane 11 base directory>/Aircraft/<Category or Publisher Name>/<Third-Party Aircraft folder>


Alternatively, you may put all your third party aircraft in a single directory like –


<X-Plane 11 base directory>/Aircraft/My Third Party Aircrafts/<Third-Party Aircraft folder>


After organizing your third-party aircrafts, simply click “Reload Aircraft” on the Server software to rebuild the aircraft database. SimControlX should now display your aircraft on the aircraft page.


I can’t see certain pages in my ELITE XTS software?

🕔 August 23, 2018

The SimControlX plugin for ELITE XTS Home (Genview) disables certain pages on ELITE for usability purposes. The intent is to control the parameters for these pages from the SimControlX app.


If you wish to put the pages back to their original form, please refer to the section on “Disabling SimControlX plugin for ELITE XTS Home” in our manual available on our downloads page.


I can’t find my airport for repositioning with ELITE XTS?

🕔 August 23, 2018

Please view the SimControlX manual available on our downloads page for known limitations with using ELITE XTS and SimControlX.


What router ports need to be available for SimControlX to see the server?

🕔 June 29, 2017

Open the following ports in your router:

51000, 51001, 51002


What are the SimControlX Firewall Settings?

🕔 June 29, 2017

Here are the Windows firewall settings, that SimControlX needs to have available to function.



What flight simulator software is compatible with SimControlX?

🕔 January 28, 2016

SimControlX currently supports Prepar3D v3.4, v4.0+, v5.0+, X-Plane 10 (64-bit), X-Plane 11 and ELITE XTS. Certain limitations exist with ELITE XTS, please review the manual for details.


X-Plane Does Not Respond Properly

🕔 December 9, 2014

In most cases, this is because X-Plane is working in the background to load relevant changes according to your input, such as loading a new aircraft or airport. All you have to do is wait for X-Plane to finish loading and you can continue flying.



With SimControlX connected, can I still use the weather scenarios or failures on the flight sim program I’m using?

🕔 August 27, 2014

Yes, you can set weather or failures or airports on the flight sim program and SimControlX will adapt to the changes, however they may not reflect in the button on the app page (i.e. if you fail the AI from within the flight sim program not the app, the AI failure button may still say working). You can override the failures or weather set by the computer by resetting it from SimControlX.



I changed the time on the weather page (or pressed “Set Noon” or “Set Midnight”) but the visual did not change.

🕔 August 27, 2014

After you scroll to the time you wish to set manually, or press “Set Noon” or “Set Midnight” you must press the button in blue to the right of the time selector that says “Change Time” for the visual to update.