SimControlX is a powerful iPad instructor station app for your simulator which provides you the ability to reposition aircraft instantly, change wind and weather, fail engine components or instruments and much more, for realistic training without ever needing to get out of the captain’s chair or pausing the simulation.

Supports Prepar3D® v5.0+, v4.0+, v3.4, X-Plane 11,
X-Plane 10 (64-bit) & ELITE XTS

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SimControlX – Version 1.1.5 update

🕔 December 17, 2018

Version 1.1.5 Update

We’ve just rolled out an update (version 1.1.5) for the SimControlX app and SimControlX Server. This is a maintenance update with new app features, improved ELITE XTS Home support, bug fixes and general enhancements. Please review the list of changes below for more details.

All existing users should look out for an update on their iPad app, and then use the installer from this website to install/update their server application and simulator plugins. Please make sure you update both the iPad app and the server application/plugins on your computer, before you try to use the app. Updating one but not the other, will lead to breakages. As always, the latest details on the updated install process and app usage can be found in our manual.

The SimControlX Server installer may be downloaded from our downloads page. The iPad app can be installed/updated from the App Store.

A more detailed list of changes in this version –

  • Added support for saving and loading of state files for ELITE XTS Home.
  • Added Temperature and QNH weather settings for Prepar3D® and X-Plane 10. Please resave any old scenarios for best functionality.
  • Added dawn and dusk presets for setting time in simulator.
  • Added left and right approach intercept locations during aircraft repositioning.
  • Added NAV1 ILS auto-tune during repositioning for ELITE XTS Home.
  • Added support for configurations using ELITE XTS Home with Prepar3D® visuals.
  • Added an alert when real world METAR download fails.
  • Bugfix for attitude indicator failure in Prepar3D®.
  • Modified weather page UI for ELITE XTS Home and X-Plane 10.
  • Renamed ELITE XTS Home fuel failures for clarity.
  • Other minor improvements.

Please refer to the manual for known limitations when using ELITE XTS Home with SimControlX.