SimControlX is a powerful iPad instructor station app for your simulator which provides you the ability to reposition aircraft instantly, change wind and weather, fail engine components or instruments and much more, for realistic training without ever needing to get out of the captain’s chair or pausing the simulation.

Supports Prepar3D® v5.0+, v4.0+, v3.4, X-Plane 11,
X-Plane 10 (64-bit) & ELITE XTS

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SimControlX doesn’t load or display my X-Plane 11 aircrafts?

🕔 June 5, 2019

The aircraft directory organization changed from X-Plane 10 to X-Plane 11. SimControlX expects that users organize any third-party aircraft directories using the following format options, in keeping with how Laminar Research provides their default aircraft –


<X-Plane 11 base directory>/Aircraft/<Category or Publisher Name>/<Third-Party Aircraft folder>


Alternatively, you may put all your third party aircraft in a single directory like –


<X-Plane 11 base directory>/Aircraft/My Third Party Aircrafts/<Third-Party Aircraft folder>


After organizing your third-party aircrafts, simply click “Reload Aircraft” on the Server software to rebuild the aircraft database. SimControlX should now display your aircraft on the aircraft page.